Work Tracker – Work hours tracking app

Keep track of the number of hours worked and remaining, hours spent on a specific project and the people who worked on the project, and improve productivity in your company.


Improve productivity

Keep track of how much time is spent on a particular project and make better use of your time


Manage projects and team

Create new projects and assign them to team members. Keep track of who is working on which project and what their work day looked like


Create reports

Select a time range, project and / or user and export the report in pdf format



Work hours tracker

A simple and clear way to keep records of working hours and tasks

Enter the task you are working on, select a project, and run a timer to begin your work hours and tasks log.

Review and analysis of data

Review of data by project, user and task in a certain time period

Select the desired time interval, filter and analyse the data, and create reports in pdf format

Project management

Create projects, edit, view and assign users

Create a new project, view a list of projects, add a description and notes, and view statistics for each project

Adding a reminder

Add a reminder so you don’t forget an important task. Enter the title, description and time of the reminder and complete all your obligations on time


Plan your vacation days and check how many vacation days you have left and how many have already been used

Data editing

Did you select the wrong project or want to edit the task description? Click the edit button and correct the incorrectly entered data

Billing rate

Choose a billing rate for each individual project and track earnings and costs over a period of time in a simple way

Available on various devices

Start the timer on one device and stop on the other!

You can use the application on various devices, and the data is synchronized online so that you can always access your data from any device.


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